Gas Chromatography (GC)

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TRACE 1300 Series

The new Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 Series GC is the first and only gas chromatograph featuring user-exchangeable miniaturized, plug-in injector sand detectors that redefine usability in routine and high-throughput laboratories. This modular design provides instant accessibility to injectors and detectors, eliminating maintenance downtime and enabling the user to quickly tailor instrument capability to specific application sand daily workload. Experience the ground-breaking performance and productivity delivered by the TRACE 1300 Series GC System

ISQ Single QuadrupoleGC-MS

The ISQ™ GC-MS system offers rugged and reliable performance and non stop productivity. The ISQ GC-MS features a new source design ideal for continuous high-through putoperation. The vacuum interlock enables source removal without venting the system, for unstoppable productivity.