High Resolution LC-MSMS (Orbitrap)

LCQ FLEET Exceptional Analytical Value

The Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet ion trap makes excellent full-scan MS sensitivity, ruggedness, and reliability cost effective. It delivers rich information for routine analysis of complex samples and integrates seamlessly with fast HPLC systems under an easy-to-use single point of control.

L TQ XL Gateaway to Discovery

Discovery The Thermo Scientific L TQ XLlinear ion trap combines exceptional sensitivity with tremen-dousflexibility . It applies multistage activation, CID (Collision-Induced Dissociation), PQD (Pulsed-Q Dissociation), and optional ETD (Electron Transfer Dissociation), to generate extensive structural information for the most demanding applications. Available FAIMS offers greater specificity for complex samples, while the optional MALDI source promises speed and simplicity. The L TQ XL™ can be upgraded to the ultra-high resolution and mass accuracy of the L TQ OrbitrapXL™ or L TQ FTUltra™ hybrid mass spectrometers.

VELOS PRO Accelarating Innovation

The Thermo Scientific VelosPro is the pinnacle of ion
trap mass spectrometry that delivers enhanced performance for complex sample analyses. For the first time ever with an ion trap, the V elosPro™offersTrap-HCD (Higher-Energy CollisionalDissociation) combined with CID, PQD and ETD to solve the most difficult analytical problems. With the improved robustness of generation II ion optics, the V elosPro delivers reliability on the fastest, most-sensitive, highest capability ion trap available today . It offers the ultimate in identifi-cationand quanitationof low-abundance compounds and provides absolute confidence in every result. The VelosPro can also be enhanced with the ultra-high resolution and mass accuracy of Orbitrap V elosPro or Orbitrap Elite technology .

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Benchtop Quadrupole-Orbitrap

• Resolving power up to 140,000
• Maximum scan speed 12 Hz
• Intra-scan dynamic range > 5000:1
• Quadrupole mass filter
• Spectral multiplexing for enhanced duty cycle
• S-Lens ion source for increased sensitivity
The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive benchtop LC-MS/MS combines high-performance quadrupole precursor selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection to deliver high performance and tremendous versatility.

Orbitrap Fusion T ribrid Mass Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer combines the best of quadrupole, Orbitrap, and ion trap mass analysis in a revolutionary Tribrid architecture that delivers unprecedented depth of analysis. It enables life scientists analyzingeven the most challenging low-abundance, high-complexity , or difficult samples to identify more compounds more quickly , quantify more accurately , and elucidate structures more thoroughly . The Orbitrap Fusion system’s next-generation hardware and software make setup easier, methods
more powerful, and operation more robust. Users can spend more time thinking about their research and less time worrying about method development and experimental execution.

Entry Level Research Tool for Proteomics and Small Molecule Analysis

Combining patented Orbitraptechnology with the fast and highly sensitive LTQ XLlinearion trap, the LTQ Orbitrap XLmass spectrometer provides reliable detection and identification of compounds in complex mixtures.
Outstanding massaccuracy, resolving power and high sensitivity MSn performance make the L TQ Orbitrap XL the instrument of choice for identifying and characterizing more compounds in less time. The LTQ Orbitrap XL hybrid mass spectrometer supports a wide range of applications, from routine compound identification to the analysis of trace levels components in complex mixtures.

Orbitrap Elite
High-Field OrbitrapEnables New Possibilities in Research and Discovery

The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite combines a novel high-field Orbitrap with VelosPro dual-pressure ion trap technology to deliver unsurpassed resolving power, increased sensitivity , high scan speeds and a larger dynamic range. With a maximum resolving power of >240,000 FWHM, a 4x increase over previous technology , the Orbitrap lite provides unprecedented confidence in results by enabling molecular weight determination of intact proteins and in-depth analysis of isobaric species. The ultra high resolution of the system is especially useful when dealing with complex and low abundance samples, in applications such as proteomics,
metabolomicsand lipidomics. The availability of multiple fragmentation techniques (CID, HCD and ETD-optional) offers a new level of versatility and performance for wide variety of research applications for experiments at a greater depth than previously possible.