Isotope Ratio MS

6.1 IRMS


Thermo Scientific

DELTA V Advantage


Thermo Scientific DELTA V isotope ratio mass spec-trometers are characterized by combining highest sensitivity with excellent linearity and stability.

Features of the new DELTA V generation

– The most sensitive DELTA Isotope Ratio MS ever

– Up to 10 detectors
– Widest range of collector configurations
– Larger mass range
– On-line H2 capability
– Upgrade from DELTA V Advantage to DELTA V Plus

Robustness and reliability
– Monolithic analyzerwith intrinsic alignment of all ion optical components
– Integrated signal amplifiers and digitizers
– All ion optics in place: no alignments during installation or maintenance
– Optimized pumping strategy
– Comprehensive set of automated diagnostics

Compact and user-friendly design
– Small footprint
– Space for on-line peripheral on top
– Dual inlet, μ-Volume and Multiport inside
– Activation of continuous flow interfaces on front panel
– All pumps inside
– Low noise design

6.2 IRMS