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SINGAPORE, Regional Demo & Laboratory Training Centre (open August 2011)
Scientific Instruments
1.TSQ Quantiva + UPLC (new LC/MS/MS Triple Quadrupole)
2.Q Exactive + nanoLC (High Resolution - LC/MS/MS Orbitrap)
3.TSQ 8000 (new GC/MS/MS Triple Quadrupole)
4.ISQ (GC/MS Single Quadrupole)
INDONESIA, Local Demo & Laboratory Training Centre (open February 2014)
Scientific Instruments1.ISQ (GC/MS Single Quadrupole)
2.Trace 1310 (GC)
Trace GC Ultra
3.IS5 (FT-IR)
4.PicoSpin 80 (NMR Portable)
Scientific Equipments5.SPE-DEX (Automated SamplePrep)

Alphasains Dinamika Application Services

Alphasains Dinamika has a team of professionally trained Application Specialists to provide the following support:
1Consulting, Method Development and Calibration Servicesalpha2
2Proteomics and Metabolomics Application and Method Development
3Customized LC/MS/MS and GC/MS GC/MS/MS Application and Method Development
4Customized Automated Sample Preparation Workshop
5Customized FT-IR and NMR Portable Teaching and Workshop

We have developed methods for environmental pollutants, food safety pesticides, pharmaceuticals, peptides, metabolites and continue to be actively involved in application support for a wide range of active compounds and opportunities to collaborate with the local scientific community on co-authoring scientific publications

Contact us today to find out more about our application services: (6221) 87783391 or

Alphasains Dinamika Training

alphasains2Alphasains Dinamika Training aims to serve as a one-stop provider for your analytical needs. Our team of experienced engineers and chemist provide:
1Comprehensive hardware and software training
2Method development and application troubleshooting
3Short course and workshop program
We also provide workshops and seminars to introduce cutting-edge technology and latest regulatory requirements associated with instruments. Get our certification and pre/post-test level

Contact us: 6221 87783391 today to make an enquiry or join our mailing list for workshops and seminars


Sample Training Courses

Training Topics / AgendaNatureDays
GC, GCMS & GCMSMS – Basic Principal & TheorySeminar / Workshop2
GC, GCMS & GCMSMS – Basic Maintenance & TroubleshootingWorkshop & Maintenance3
GC & GCMS Application & GCMSMS DevelopmentWorkshop3
Automated Sample Preparation for GC-MS / LC-MS AnalysisWorkshop3
LC-MS/MS Triple Quad – Basic Principal & TheorySeminar / Workshop2
LC-MS/MS Triple Quad – Basic Maintenance & TroubleshootingWorkshop & Maintenance3
LC-MS/MS Triple Quad - ApplicationWorkshop3
HR-LC-MS/MS Orbitrap – Basic Principal & TheorySeminar / Workshop2
HR-LC-MS/MS Orbitrap – ApplicationWorkshop3
Xcalibur Software and Chromeleon Software (Open Source) OperationWorkshop3
FT-IR Application and NMR Portable for Structural Identification Workshop3
GC & GCMS with Headspace Application: Alcohol, Polymer, Drugs, HalalTargeted Application3
HR-LC-MS/MS Orbitrap: Structural Elucidation, Screening, ConfirmationTargeted Application3