Fluidity One Platform

Fluidity One-W Serum

Quantify and characterize any protein interaction

The Fluidity One-W Serum system enables quantification and characterization of any protein interaction – even in complex backgrounds and even with challenging targets.

Explore interactions in solution under physiologically-relevant conditions

  • Analyze samples in different backgrounds – from simple buffers to cell lysates, serum and saliva
  • Determine size, KD, concentration and stoichiometry in solution
  • Obtain simultaneous measurements of KD and concentration
  • Gain insights into interaction stoichiometry; distinguish on-target binding from off-target binding

Fluidity One-W Serum highlights

  • Uses microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) technology to measure changes in molecular size (hydrodynamic radius) as binding events occur
  • Enables development of customized protocols to study a wide range of interactions – typical run time 8-14 minutes per datapoint
  • Eliminates risk of binding artefacts or other surface constraints – measure directly in solution – no surface immobilization
  • Minimizes consumption of precious samples – 5 μL per datapoint, 60-100 μL to determine KD