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ChroZen ASTM D1945 Player

Product Description

ChroZen ASTM D1945 Player effectively analyzes natural gases with accuracy and precision and verifies its reliability according to ASTM D1945.

ChroZen ASTM D1945 Player with column switching valve system effectively  analyzes natural gases by controlling the valve switching time with accuracy  and precision and verifies its reliability by effectively determining each  component of natural gases according to ASTM D1945.

Among various analytical methods for natural gases, ASTM D1945 utilizes Gas  Chromatograph (GC) configuring 5 columns and 3 detectors with 4 valves,  which enables the analysis of complex natural gases in a single injection.


Valve Diagram of Natural Gas Analysis

These results show complete separation and detection of each compound in natural gas mixture by ChroZen ASTM D1945 Player configuring 5 columns and 3 detectors with 4 valves according to ASTM D1945.

Also, it’s easy to modify the valve configuration depending on the target gaseous sample and figure out the optimized valve switching time.

ChroZen ASTM D1945 Player verifies the right solution for superior resolution and sensitivity of components in natural gases within the range of composition shown in ASTM D1945.