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Chrozen GC

Product Description

ChroZen GC with its fancy design and intuitive LCD display features substantially enhanced sensitivity and reproducibility with the new powerful UPC (Ultimate Pneumatic Control) to enable more reliable and accurate data.

More Than Smart Things
Intuitive touchpad LCD display (10.1”) monitoring equipped modules (inlets, detectors, oven) at a glance and
chromatogram as well as temperature programming in real time

More Than Innovation
▪ Substantially enhanced sensitivity by the efficient EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding and other robust electronic parts
▪ Pulsed pressure mode (Split/Splitless): Instantly increased forefront pressure at injection minimizes the sample dispersion to provide significant sensitivity
▪ Various detectors with superior sensitivity available

More Than Reliability
▪ Powerfully designed UPCs(Ultimate Pneumatic Control) to optimize carrier gas control to provide exceptional accuracy and precision (RT Repeatability SD < 0.0008 min) ▪ 15 heated zones to achieve optimized thermal stability for each module (Temperature Stability < ±0.01℃) ▪ Ultra-high speed motor to speed up the oven cooling down rate for improved productivity (450℃→50℃: < 3.8 min) More Than Solution ▪ Various dedicated analyzers fully configured (Up to 9 UPCs) for food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and environmental application field that are supporting numerous standard methods such as ASTM D1945, ASTM D2163, ASTM D4059, ASTM D4815/5580, ASTM D5623, ASTM D6730, ASTM D7823 and ASTM D8071 ▪ Extended inlet pressure range (~150 psi) ▪ Safe use of Hydrogen as carrier gas for superior productivity and sensitivity by H2 leak sensor ▪ SmartFlow Kit for backflush, 2D GC or heart-cut application to optimize analytical efficiency in multiple way