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ChroZen HPLC

Product Description

YoungIn Chromass proudly introduces our 5th generation of HPLC that delivers the most reliable data through the FlowMasterTM technology providing accurate and precise flow rate at any conditions.


The Reliable

The Heart of HPLC, Reliable Evolution

• The most accurate and precise flow rate by FlowMasterTM Technology (RT Repeatability RSD <0.05 %, Area Repeatability RSD <0.3%)
• Superior resolution and reproducibility through smart air circulation fulfilling perfect uniformity and stability of column temperature. (± 0.03°C)
• Fast response time by damper-less pump design & ultra-low carryover mixing valve
• Effective mixing in a mixing tee at forefront of pump head

The Productive

Productivity Fits the Bill

• Sufficient capacity for 30 cm columns up to 4 ea
• Active wash for low carry-over (<0.003%)
• Enlarged sample capacity (120 samples: 2ml vial)
• Direct & fast injection for low sample consumption

The Various

• Remarkable sensitivity & selectivity for any applications

• Versatile detectors available

chrozen hplc