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ClearShot™ Extraction

Product Description

The OSS ClearShot method provides operators and users with the necessary tools to measure low oil concentrations without the hurdles present when using prior methods. It is ideally suited for low oil concentration systems, such as wastewater, process water, residual oil systems, drinking water and other process control applications. Product performance requirements and consumer demand are leading to oil measurements in the 0.2 ppm range and below. With the OSS method, 13 mm ClearShot Extractors are utilized to capture and retain even the lowest oil concentrations so that they can be accurately measured.

OSS ClearShot Advantage
  • Significantly Reduces Test Time and Complexity, Increasing Accuracy and Precision
  • Reduced Cost Through Chemical Savings, Risk Mitigation and Decreased Time
  • Environmental Benefits Achieved with Reusable Components and Reduction of Hazardous Waste
  • Eliminates All Solvents, No Need for Chemical Hoods, Minimizes Glassware and Lab Space
  • Testing can be Performed in the Field, Production Facility or in any Laboratory
  • Provides Ability to Identify Oil(s) to Detect Problem Source
  • Standard Method Measures Oil Concentrations to 0.2ppm to 200ppm
  • Internationally Approved as ASTM D7575
Oil in Water Testing Method

The OSS ClearShot Methodology has four main steps:

  • Obtain a homogenized 10 ml sample using a syringe.
  • Process the volume through the extractor
  • Dry the extractor
  • Measure oil concentration using an FTIR unit