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Evidence Investigator

Product Description

Why Choose the Evidence Investigator?
– World’s first platform to consolidate both immunoassay and molecular diagnostics.
– Multiplexing capabilities of Biochip Technology supports accurate test results with CVs typically <10%.
– The Evidence Investigator has a throughput of 2376 tests per hour with up to 44 analytes screened per biochip.
– Reduced sample volume of 7-25uL is required, leaving more sample remaining for confirmatory testing.
– The Evidence Investigator can store up to 20,000 sample results and up to 500,000 sample test results.
– Multiplex testing delivers a fast and cost effective solution compared to traditional methods.

The Evidence Investigator is the no.1 choice for research, clinical, forensic, molecular, and veterinary testing. Renowned for its versatility, robustness and effective reporting methods, this compact, semi-automated benchtop platform offers efficient and comprehensive testing without compromising on accuracy. It is the perfect fit for medium throughput laboratories seeking maximum use of bench space.

The Evidence Investigator is able to consolidate both immunoassay and molecular testing offering the most comprehensive test menu on the market, achieved through protein and DNA based biochips improving laboratory efficiency and reducing costs.

The Evidence Investigator improves laboratory efficiency and helps to reduce cost by consolidating immunoassay and molecular diagnostics.

Using chemiluminescent as a measurement principle, the Evidence Investigator consistently delivers accurate results.

All data is analysed on-board, removing issues related to human error and result manipulation.

Each biochip can have up to 49 Discrete Test Regions (DTR) allowing up to 44 tests to be carried out simultaneously.

A maximum of 6 biochips can be added to the one Biochip carrier on the Evidence Investigator.

A smaller sample volume is required due to multiplexing capabilities.

Using protein and DNA based biochips provides the user the ability to consolidate tests.