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Fluidity One-M

Product Description

The Fluidity One-M system enables quantification and characterization of any protein interaction – even in complex backgrounds or with challenging targets

– Characterize polyclonal antibodies
– Track functional immune response in serum samples
– Reveal therapeutic antibody / protein interaction mechanisms
– Characterize disordered proteins or higher-order complexes under close to in vivo conditions
– Explore aggregation effects and distinguish between specific and non-specific binding

– Uses microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) technology to measure changes in molecular size (hydrodynamic radius) as binding events occur
– Enables development of customized protocols to study a wide range of interactions – typical run time 25 minutes for 24 datapoints to determine KD
– Eliminates risk of binding artefacts or other surface constraints – measure directly in solution – no surface immobilization
– Minimizes consumption of precious samples – 3.5 μL per datapoint (application dependent), 50-80 μL to determine KD