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Furnace LMFC-10 1000°C Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnace

Product Description

Ceramic fiber muffle furnace (LMFC 1000°C) series, accurately controlled sintering, melting, element analysis, and physical determination within 1000°C, operating temperature range 300~1000°C, temperature distribution accuracy ±1°C, inner volume 2L, 7L, 16L, 24L ,36L

Box-type resistance furnace, also known as muffle furnace, is the laboratory basic heating equipment. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, aviation, aerospace systems, research institutes, universities and other experimental and laboratory. It is an essential instrument for sintering, melting, heat treatment, volatile matter, etc.

1. Integrated design, light and compact structure
2. Vacuum-formed polycrystalline mullite fiber furnace to ensure efficient heat preservation, and three-sided heating through special alloy heating wires provides the best temperature uniformity
3. Parallel test open furnace door to keep the hot end away from operation
4. Protection system: power off when opening the door, and delayed power resumption to ensure safety
5. Double shell air insulation, low surface temperature
6. Equipped with exhaust device to facilitate ashing
7. Precise temperature: the perfect combination of high-precision microcomputer temperature controller and precision sensor
8. Dedicated function keys for temperature setting
9. Auxiliary menu to realize overheating alarm, deviation correction, menu lock, overheating prevention device
10. Safety: overheating alarm, menu lock, overheating prevention, power off when opening the door, delayed power resumption.