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MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer

Product Description

Ultra-fast analysis with ultra-low detection limits

The Thermo Scientific™ MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer has been engineered to meet the most demanding standards for in-line process, batch sampling, gas purity/certification, emissions testing, and ambient air monitoring.

Combined with Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ Optical Enhancement Technology, the system – optically enhanced FTIR or OE-FTIR – is extremely powerful. It enables users to achieve single-digit ppb detection limits for many applications. For ultra-high purity bulk gas applications, the detection limits can be reduced to mid ppt, making the MAX-iR Analyzer one of the most sensitive FTIR gas analyzers ever produced.

With ultra-fast analysis and ultra-low detection limits, the MAX-iR FTIR gas analyzer provides a winning alternative to slower, more costly traditional techniques such as gas chromatography (GC).

How the MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer works

The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer achieves such sensitive real-time analysis with key design features:

  • A compact, rugged, high throughput interferometer.
  • 24-bit analog to digital (ADC) integrated detector modules that allow for exceptional signal-to-noise ratio without liquid nitrogen cooling.
  • A long-life vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) diode and a silicon carbide (SiC) IR source that provide longevity and reliability.
  • Integrated temperature and pressure sensors for increased precision in demanding certification applications.
  • Dual level vibrational dampening for operation in challenging field environments.

MAX-Acquisition Software

The MAX-iR Analyzer is controlled by high-performance Thermo Scientific™ MAX-Acquisition™ Automation Software specifically developed for real-time process and CEM environments. Fully automated method control, DCS data output, alarm controls, remote access, and reporting tools are all designed to maximize productivity without human interaction.

StarBoost Optical Enhancement Technology

Breakthrough StarBoost Technology enables commercial FTIR gas analysis that dramatically increases sensitivity, linearity and dynamic range over narrow spectral bands of interest. It utilizes specialized optics, electronics and analysis algorithms to go beyond traditional FTIR gas analysis capabilities.

This enhancement technology, proven in demanding applications such as ethylene oxide and formaldehyde measurement, provides source testers with a new level of on-location, real-time analytical capability. It can be supplied as a turnkey add-on to the MAX-iR Gas Analyzer and is compliant with several regulatory methods including US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method 320 and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6348.

Industrial gas analysis applications

The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer easily goes from being a stand-alone instrument to a fully automated solution when it is combined with standard, application-specific multi-channel gas handling panels.