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Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer

Product Description

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge FTIR spectroscopy with the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ Apex FTIR Spectrometer. Designed for both routine analysis and research applications, the Apex offers unparalleled performance and versatility. From routine quality control (QA/QC) to research and development, the Nicolet Apex is built to innovate, increase productivity, improve precision, and comply with extensive regulations.

Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer overview

With the Thermo Scientific Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer you will maximize efficiency, ensure accuracy, and achieve compliance. Are you ready to unleash the power of the Apex FTIR? Configure your FTIR to match the needs of your lab environment and the spectral range required with these three additional models:

  • Thermo Scientific Nicolet Apex KBr FTIR Spectrometer—A standard Mid-IR spectrometer.
  • Thermo Scientific Nicolet Apex XT-KBr FTIR Spectrometer—An extended range Mid and Near IR spectrometer.
  • Thermo Scientific Nicolet Apex ZnSe FTIR Spectrometer—A durable Mid IR spectrometer for high humidity environments.

Key features of the Nicolet Apex FTIR Spectrometer:

Performance and productivity

  • Get best-in-class performance with a superb signal-to-noise ratio and top-notch resolution to tackle any experimental need.
  • Enhance your productivity by cutting analysis time to 50% using our patented smart background feature.
  • Improve your efficiency with a multi-sample compartment feature that allows for multiple accessories to be mounted and switched, thereby saving time and minimizing labor in the laboratory setting.

Flexibility, configurability and automation

  • Upgrade your failure analysis capabilities by utilizing the advanced technology of the Nicolet Apex spectrometer, which effortlessly integrates with our range of FTIR microscopes, TGA-IR systems, and various other accessories to facilitate defect analysis of small particles or characterize drug formulations.
  • Achieve automation and high throughput capabilities using a TE-MCT detector and a range of accessories.

Interferometer produces market-leading precision

See the hidden details with high-resolution spectroscopy. The modern Michelson interferometer design delivers high-spectral-resolution for superior optical quality to uncover answers from challenging samples including gas.

Detector yields definitive answers

Achieve accurate identification and quantification results with the fast-recovery DTGS detector.

Infrared source delivers unmatched consistency

Our state-of-the-art infrared light source provides more consistent identification and quantification results. Peak shapes and signal-to-noise ratios are exceptional thanks to a stable hotspot location and energy intensity.

Laser supplies maximum accuracy

Eliminate future maintenance costs with a solid-state diode laser. The long-lifetime, temperature-stabilized design.

Be compliant

Performance verification software for spectrometer, sampling accessory, method performance verification, and system suitability testing for ASTM, Ph. Eur., USP, JP, and CP instrument validation.

Intuitive software – Thermo Scientific OMNIC Paradigm:

Thermo Scientific OMNIC Paradigm Software is a powerful analytical tool that empowers researchers and scientists by simplifying spectroscopic data analysis, enhancing visualization, and accelerating scientific discoveries. With its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and seamless integration capabilities, the software enables researchers to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Access to OMNIC Anywhere cloud-based software enables remote access to the data and functionality of the Nicolet Apex FTIR spectrometer, allowing for real-time analysis and collaboration from any location with any device. It’s a must for next-generation collaborative research.

Applicable in a multitude of industries and applications:

  • Polymers and plastics
  • General analytical services
  • Quality control QA/QC
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education and academia
  • Forensic
  • Gemstone analysis
  • Gas analysis