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Product Description

OPTIZEN Alpha is a spectrophotometer that uses a double-beam method.

OPTIZEN Alpha can measure the transmittance or absorbance at each wavelength of a sample in ultraviolet and visible light bands to determine the quantitative characteristics such as concentration and purity.

OPTIZEN Alpha, which can be used widely from general analytical experiments to professional research fields, guarantees accurate measurement and excellent reproducibility and provides reliable results in various fields such as the environment, biotechnology, and chemistry.

The previous single beam type spectrophotometer has a weak point of error occurrence in measuring a sample, because of the movement of a light source by time lag in measuring the strength of between a reference light and a light from sample. To solve the problem, OPTIZEN Alpha was designed as a double-beam type spectrophotometer. The system utilizes an additional reference beam to improve the measurement performance by compensating the intensity fluctuation of its light source.

Product Features

– User Convenience
All functions of existing PC software are installed, making it faster and more convenient.
– Incredible Speed
Fast and flexible software delivers the best result with analytical speeds up to 1.5 times that of existing products.
– Rapid Service
Quick services are available as OPTIZEN Alpha is made in Korea from design conception to manufacturing based on the unique technology of KLAB Co., Ltd.
– Extensive Scalability
OPTIZEN Alpha is designed for high-precision/high-resolution measurement in widebands from ultraviolet to visible light and can be used in various applications.
– Compact Size
Compact OPTIZEN Alpha enhances the efficiency of the experimental space.

Main Characteristics
– A world-class measurement performance
– Wide-size color screen (ALPHA: 8”)
– Various cell compatibility and fast cell type choice
– Automatic measurement of lots of samples by equipping multi-cell.
– Convenient voice service and volume control

Modes for Measurement

Photometric Mode
This mode allows you to measure the absorbance and concentration of a sample at a specific wavelength.

Quantitation Mode
This mode allows you to quantitatively analyze a sample using the calibration curve.

Spectrum Mode
This mode allows you to acquire the absorption or transmission spectrum in the desired wavelength band.

Kinetics Mode
This mode allows you to measure the absorbance or transmittance of a sample over time.