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Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC & HPTLC)

Product Description

Biostep is the range of thin layer chromatography (TLC and HPTLC) equipment manufactured by Bionis

We offer wide range and numerous tools for achieving professional results in each step of TLC Workflow, starting from Plate Preparation, Sample Application (Semi automated / fully automated), Development, Derivatization, Documentation, using our software solution, that provide you a simple, scalable solution for implementing your application in several area such as pharmaceutical, food & feed, cosmetics, environment, forensic, chemicals, and general.

The correct handling of TLC plates prior use is an important step for a successful chromatography. We offer numerous tools for successful plate preparation.

We offer you a variety of products for simple, manual or reproducible, automatic application of samples to thin-layer plates. This category also includes devices for the defined drying of the plates after the sample application and tools for storing and pre-assembling the plates.

We offer various manual chambers as well as a device for the fully automatic separation of samples on thin-film plates. Ensure the quality of your analysis with perfect separation results.

Increase the information content of your DC samples by derivatization. We offer manual tools and fully automatic devices including devices for reproducible drying.

The densiometric evaluation can be carried out using imaging, a scanner or a densitometer. All devices offer the possibility of measuring in the visible and / or in the ultraviolet spectral range. Optionally, these can also be used to measure fluorescence. We offer you a wide range of different technologies.