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Ultrasonic Cleaner Avant Series UA10MFDN

Product Description

Capacity 10L ,Heater Power 270W,Temp. 20~80℃

The cavitation phenomenon consist of formation and growth of millions of microscopic bubbles under a low pressure stage, produced into the ultrasonic bath due to a high power transducer 37/40kHz. These bubbles break in all directions and attack every surface in contact with water, erasing dirt, impurities and pollutants when in contact with materials or pieces in the bath. This phenomenon allows cleaning all kinds of materials and products without the need of disassembling, due to all the surfaces being in contact with the liquid. The heat allows accelerate this clearing process.

Avant Series
* Entails all advantages of the Eco series
* LCD touch screen for simple and intuitive operation
* Features a digital timer with up to 199 min
* Working power adjustable between 40% and 100%
* Heating ability between 20℃ and 80℃
* Comes with a tray and lid
* Stainless steel 304 tank and paint coated case, meet the
requirements of antiseptic and hygienic lab environment
* Independent degas function
* Automatically save last parameters and recalled when unit is
turned back on
* Non-slip feet and flexible surface contact for lower ultrasonic
* Safety handles make unit portable
* Maintain ultrasonic efficiency at different temperatures
* Frequency overload and thermal protection

Application Areas
* Laboratories: laboratory material, precision instruments, pipettes, sieves, etc.
* Medicine: instrumentation in general, surgical material, etc.
* Odontology: dental prosthesis, instrumentation, etc.
* Optics: instrumentation, opticals, frames, etc.
* Industry: printed circuits, Electronic components, etc
* Jewellery: watches, jewels, etc
* Automation: Injector clearing.
* Degasification or liquid dissolution.
* Compact substances digregation